Moving to The Big City

My Move To MelbourneWhite_Night_Melbourne_(8500995539)_(4)

Over the past few weeks i have been exploring my newly found home across the Tasman sea. Melbourne, Australia.

For the entirety of my life i have lived in a little old place in New Zealand so stepping out to the vast expanse that is Australia and the equally impressive spread of melbourne has been an eye opening experience to say the lest.

It took me a week to get my license and a car so in that time I was all about the Taxi system and working out the best way to use the local transport, which is awesome by the way.

However i never ventured to far without my own set of wheels because i am crazy like that and always need a plan B. I made it into the big city for a local look at all the street art and old infrastructure that id been hearing so much about.

The size of buildings, the speed the cars drive and the shear number of pedestrians was blowing my mind and i found it pretty difficult to find a park non the less once i did and managed to work out how to pay for it i was away!

There really is no comparison to my simple city life back in New Zealand to this crazy new land in Australia. I mean, there is a lot of similarity, but for each same, same there is a much different, different to wrap your head around.

For example the night life here is phenomenal and can really take you by surprise as the day time shopping soon turns in to a dusk till dawn party. Back home that just does not happen as i am guessing the population could not sustain it. But come rugby or cricket and its a much more familiar scene. Aussie pride is a big factor over here and stepping out with an New Zealand supportive spirit is bound to get you hounded by the local sporty dogs that line the streets on game nights.

None the less my experience here has been one that i will not forget but i will forever grow. The local environment is awesome and although there are many more dangers to face in this land than there ever will or was back home, i can see the huge industrial drive pushing this country along. That is why i have moved over here and i fully intend to stay as long as i need to get my head up out off the water and into some nice new fresh air.

Melbourne really does seem to promise a lot and if you can handle the hugely government regulated system they impose (seriously i needed a passport to get a sim card for my phone on prepay!) then this is the place to be for the southern hemisphere.